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1 definition by jonnyw1987

An exceptionally epic '70s Soft Rock Ballad by Gary Wright with some sick and kind of creepy synthesizer effects to start the song off making you wonder, "What the fuck is going on!?" if you've never heard the song before, but sending chills down your spine and getting you pumped for Dream Weaver if you have heard the song before. It then does a total 180 when Gary starts singing the first lyrics, and then he segues into the refrain, which is an 11 on a scale from 1 to 10 of epicness. It is a quintessential '70s song. It's a good song to trip acid to, smoke weed to or do mushrooms to.
Dude, I brought the kush. Did you bring Dream Weaver?
by jonnyw1987 May 21, 2011