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alabama grills, when your nailing a chick in the ass and you wipe your muddy crutch on her pearly whites
a."dude i was out of my face last nite, i gave jan some alabama grills"
a."she looked like lil john, with her grills, then i iced em"
b."aw dude that nasty"
#grills #atm #anal #bj's #muddy crutch
by jonny puzzle November 30, 2008
when you get a dirty dick after anal sex
"aww man i got a muddy crutch last night dude"
"aww sick man, what happend"
"i gave her some alabama grills, with some ice"
#girlls #muddy crutch #anal #dirty #dick
by jonny puzzle November 30, 2008
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