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Breaking the Bitch is the human female equivalent of breaking a horse or a dog, and often involves constant light sexual harassment, nothing to ruff or illegal, only enough to force the female to give up trying to fight back. Sometimes breaking a bitch proves easy when a Dominant male proves to the female that he is a worthy guardian, and performs well during sexual intercourse. Bitches can also be bought over, women fall weak to large sums of cash and are thus rendered 'an easy catch', these types of bitch aren't as loyal as others. Sometimes broken bitches can regain mental strength and independence and rebel against the dominant male, this happens most frequently with bitches that have been bought over. This can sometimes result in the unfortunate female getting brutally beaten, most of the time, she is ignored, sometimes the female will retaliate to the beatings, which often results in the male or female getting killed.
"Any man can break a bitch, all he needs is a good masculine" shape, and the mental power to hack into a females mind, and experience of 'breaking the bitch',"
#bitch #horse #dog #sexual #harassment #intercourse
by jonesy-boy-live December 24, 2010
A racial slur referring to people of Arabic origin or ancestry. The term is derived from the likes of Osama Bin-Laden who are stereotyped for living in caves.
Ramiro: This place is infested with cave warriors

Ivan: They can hear you you know!

Ramiro: What are the chances of them knowing what cave warrior means.
#warrior #cave #arab #paki #brown people
by jonesy-boy-live December 24, 2010
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