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Used as an expression of disbelief following the telling of a story. Also usually accompanied by the twisting of an imaginary motorcycle throttle and accompanying utterances of "TEZZZZZ,TEZZZZZZ,TEZZZZZZZ" moving up the scale as if imitating a motorcycle pulling away from a stationary position and going through the gears.

Origin.Terry S******y had was 15 and in my school days was entitled to ride a 50 cc motorbike.Being of course a woefully underpowered machine, it came as somewhat of a suprise to us all when he announced that he'd achieved the speed of 100 mph fromn it. The rest follows on rather nicely.
Verb:To tezz.thus:he Tezzes, she Tezzes,they Tezz,We(pl) Tezz, you(pl) Tezz.

eg;Your dad's got a job!Fuck off ya fuckin' tezzin' bastard!
by jonathan ba July 25, 2006

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