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any word that has the letter "o" or "p" in it can be replaced with the letter "q". This is used for people whose "o" or "p" key does not work or do not believe in using those letters.
A)"I lqst my shqe! Qls helq me find it."
B)"I lost my shoe! Pls help me find it."

A)"Jqhn, yqu rqt."
B)"John, you rot."

A)"It's so hqt right nqw."
B)"It's so hot right now."

The A examples above use q-placement, while the B examples do not.
by jon qls March 27, 2009
to rot, decay, or decompose. (in rqt, q replaces o. See q-placement)
After losing in a game of cards, my grandfather told me to go rqt.
by jon qls March 27, 2009
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