22 definitions by jokingkong

to spank someone on the naked ass with an erect penis.
"He gave his new girlfriend so many spankees that her ass cheek was bright red"
#spank #spanked #spanking #paddling #bare ass
by jokingkong November 01, 2009
someone that goes on message and forum boards looking to start trouble by trying to be smart and knowlegable on subjects he knows nothing about.
"He's such a wiseass troublemaker that he registers under the name jokingkong at many forums."
#troll #unfunny #smart ass #douchebag #know it all
by jokingkong November 01, 2009
A cloth, sock or t-shirt used to clean off a penis after having intercourse or masturbating.
Tony seen his mother using his stub rag as a pillow, the same he used the night before watching porno.
#cum rag #cum sock #cum catcher #jerk off #masturbate
by jokingkong January 15, 2011
a white man who will do anything to stay in good standing with "the black man" while in prison.
"Tommy had no choice but to become an Uncle Todd in prison, either that or he'd be passed around like a sex doll"
#uncle tom #wigger #sellout #white trash #bitch
by jokingkong November 01, 2009
to become sexually excited and masturbate while looking at or watching death scenes or mock snuff scenes on film.
He often found himself stroking himself to a state of gorgasm while looking at naked dead girls at ogrish.com.
#sick fuck #disturbed #masturbation #snuff movie #death scenes
by jokingkong November 04, 2009
a naked actress who is brutally murdered in a horror movie.
Heather Matarazzo's nude murder scene in the movie Hostel: Part II made her a bonafide snuff queen.
#scream queen #mock snuff #snuff film #snuff movie #hostel
by jokingkong November 04, 2009
a large black woman that doesn't take shit from anyone and likes to fight.
"That big bad mama jama took on 6 cops before they finally got the handcuffs on her."
#mamajama #beast #beastly #tough #bruiser
by jokingkong November 01, 2009
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