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22 definitions by jokingkong

a show aimed at young teens whose audience is older pervy males who enjoy watching young girls stick their tongues out, strut in bikini's and act like little tarts.
"I don't know who's the bigger pervert, the creator of iCarly or it's older perverted viewers"
by jokingkong November 01, 2009
any bald guy that acts tough and cool around others.
"Did you see that bartender that cut off serving me tequila shots, he got all Steve Wilkos on me when I wouldn't leave."
by jokingkong November 01, 2009
a stripper that dances in a peep booth or strips behind a glass partition in exchange for tokens.
Marlene was a showgirl at Triple X Theater in NYC.
by jokingkong November 04, 2009
a scene in a movie that when removed could be passed off as an actual snuff film.
After watching some of the Flower of Flesh and Blood video Charlie Sheen turned it over to the FBI not realizing the murder he just witnessed was a mock snuff scene.
by jokingkong November 04, 2009
a wheelchair used by big fat people that aren't cripple who are to lazy to walk, usually found at Walmarts and casinos.
"Did you see that big fat woman in the whalechair with the bucket of fried chicken?"
by jokingkong November 01, 2009
When your mother cuts a loud fart.
Mrs. B. tried blaming the family dog when she cut a mom fart but everyone at the table knew it was her.
by jokingkong January 15, 2011
A sarcastic term for police officer, usually said by a drunk trying to be smart or funny.
Did you see the way Occifer Mike was pushing the guest off thw stage on the Steve Wilkos Show? It makes you wonder why people bother to go on the show.
by jokingkong August 30, 2010