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Boots made of rubber and leather. They originated as hiking boots in Maine. Have become stylish in a preppy way. Commonly worn by rich W.A.S.P people in the north east united states and also in the south. To be seen wearing them is sort of an "old money" statement, as they can be seen worn around the boarding schools (Exeter, Andover, St. Pauls) and private colleges of new england, (ie. Williams, Middlebury, Trinity College) in the colder or muddier parts of the year.
"What kind of boots are those?"
"Bean Boots"
"Huh, I've never seen them before."
"Yeah, I would imagine you haven't, you're not rich, your not a WASP, your not from new england, and you've probably never heard of the NESCAC."
by johnnyfromnewhampshire February 08, 2010

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