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1. well, first off im going to have to agree with axeslash on sme of the things that they said, such as they arnt metal, they may be heavy to some of you pussies, but listn to cannible corpse, napalm death, assited suicide assembly, to name a couple. i know that napalm death isnt that good, but they do have one or two good songs, also look at malakai( a local metal band). also i think that there is alot of faggot poser fat asses who think that they are hardcore, but the reason that they think that is because the fat is clogging their brain so they stomp on some one and beet the shit out of eachother. i think that they do have some talent, i mean, look at how famous they are, but there are still alot of better bands, and they could do just as good if not better without all of the band members.
im not sure that axeslash was that correct when they said that slipknot is only in it for the money or publicity, i mean they were banned from the radio a couple years back, but now it kind of seems that way because of the videos and stickers and hats and clothes. i still like them though. and i hate you all so suck it.
by john gibbons the third December 24, 2004
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