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2 definitions by john bailey918

R.A.Z is the most unnatural thing to ever come out of Manchester, with a totally Alien style that varies from Deep Depressing material that will have even the most optimistic person cutting their own wrists after a few plays, and then totally transforms into an aggressive style that puts across anger and emotion, back down to a more average more mainstream flow.In other words versatile. The Debut album Teenage Nightmare is out 2007 on R.A.Zs K.W.A Records and was produced by: R.A.Z, Olde English Productions and mastered by Motley AKA Hash Browne the album features collaborations with DZK, Hard Target, Motley etc
R.A.Z is a Rapper from Oldham, Manchester, UK
by john bailey918 April 22, 2007
K.W.A Records Krew without Authority is a small Independent Record Label Started by R.A.Z in 2005 the Label is based in Oldham, Manchester, England
Teenage Nightmare was released on K.W.A Records
by john bailey918 April 22, 2007