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An acceptable method of punishment in which toothpaste is squeezed into the ass-crack and anus of a party-foul offender who has passed out prematurely due to excessive alcohol consumption.
LL: I can't believe Oscar passed out already. . .It's only 8:30 PM!

Joff: Did you see how much he drank? He's already polished off a fifth of SoCo and funneled three beers in 2 hours.

LL: Half of the people haven't even arrived for the party. Oscar committed a major party foul!

Joff: Where are you going?

LL: To the bathroom to get the toothpaste. Oscar is so getting the Queen Farbis punishment right now!
by joffleff November 30, 2011
Giant retailer of condoms and other sexual enhancement products.
Joff: My girlfriend is coming into town this weekend. I can't wait to give her the balogna pony. I need to pick up a 12 pack of condoms.

LL: I heard Dick's Sporting Wood is having a blow-out sale on condoms and viagra this weekend.

Joff: Awesome! Do you need me to pick you up anything while I'm there?

LL: Yes, can you get me some of that Black Magic? I plan on getting some poontang of my own!
by Joffleff December 25, 2011

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