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Once upon a time the greatest video game in history, Warcraft III, was released. Included with the game was a powerful "World Editor" which allowed players create their own gametypes. These custom games provided a haven for the 30-apm ladder dropouts.

Dota, a game where players managed a single hero and no base, was the most popular and best-supported of these customs. Eventually there were a number of attempts to monetize on its popularity.
League of Legends, or LoL, was arguably the most successful of these attempts. The game was developed by dota's former developers and borrowed heavily from its predecessor. Introducing the game via a free-to-play model ensured millions of broke teenagers would download it and get hooked. Then later, when they received birthday money or just stole their mom's credit card, they could spend much more than a standard $40 game price unlocking game content that would have been free under a conventional system. To ensure the game would have universal appeal, riot removed game mechanics that punished the unskilled, such as denying. The base income was increased beyond even "easymode" levels compared to dota so that all players would have gold to spend, and item guide railroaded players into the best items.
Guy 1: Man I love wc3
Guy 2: I suck at that game, I uninstalled it.
Guy 1: You should at least try dota, you only control one unit so even a noob can play it
Guy 2: I tried dota and I get pubstomped every time
Guy 1: Oh well how about League of Legends. It's like apem but there's no denying, and most of the players on it are pretty bad. Also it's free
Guy 2: Oh yea I'm silver on LoL. I plan to go pro at it.

Player 1: Dude the other day i was watching theoddone's stream and he played a match of wc3 during queue. He sucks! he lost to some 45% scrub in solo
Player 2: Well what do you expect, you control more than one unit in that game
by joey billionaires September 14, 2012
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