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If you thought Windows Vista was bad...

Meet its deadbeat, alcoholic, domestically abusive, child-support-dodging father: Windows ME.

Known Aliases:

Windows Mistake Edition
Windows Miscarriage Edition
Windows Motherfucking Embarrassment
Windows Migraine Experiment
Windows Misunderestimated Errors
Windows Menopausal Extravaganza
Windows Marijuana Exhibition
Windows Momentarily Expendable
Windows Major Emergency
Windows May Explode
Windows MEH
Windows Memorably Epileptic
Windows Mimicked Evangelists
Windows Mysterious Entity

Windows Manufactured Estrogen
Windows Metaphorical Mother-in-Law
Goddamn, were Microsoft's programmers smoking PCP when they coded Windows ME?

Windows ME makes my calculator feel proud.

Who the fuck, in their right mind, would use Windows ME?
The above user is wrong, or is quoting some lame malapropism of the original joke.

"Make me one with everything" is the response given by a Buddhist to a hot dog vendor who asks him, "What can I make you?".

The joke is a play on words, as the oft-quoted Buddhist "motto" is to "be at one" or "be at peace" with everything natural in the world.
A Buddhist goes to a hot dog vendor and the vendor asks him "Hey buddy what can I make ya?".

"Make me one with everything" replies the Buddhist.
by Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo89 March 27, 2010
A multi-purpose, strong adhesive tape which will bind just about anything together, well-known for it's durability.

Common uses include:

-Taping people's mouths shut.

-Binding people's hands and feet together.

-Poor man's Viagra - two Popsicle sticks and duck tape.

-Make-shift contraceptive device (works equally well for males and females, but significantly reduces pleasure).

-An alternative to bras for women that can provide incredible lift and cleavage by taping the breasts together; as well as flaming red blemishes after removal.

-Insta-Lawn for your front yard (simply lay over old grass and paint green).

-Taping a sleeping friend's facial, chest and pubic hair and waiting for them to remove it.

-Instant Wart/Pimple removal.

-Extra-Strength toilet paper, particularly after a bout of diarrhoea.

-Seat-belts for those fidgety children.

-Temporary car windows.

-A substitute for a Roof Rack on your car.

-Non-stick toilet seat cover.

-Hair extensions.
Duck Tape holds the universe together.
by Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo89 March 29, 2010
Aussie slang for "soccer", as the term football in Australia exclusively refers to AFL (Australian Rules Football).

Soccer is typically only taken seriously in Australia by those of wog/ethnic background (who are mainly of European extraction, where soccer is a national religion for many countries), as Aussies consider it unmasculine and "boring". Hence the term "wogball".
"Oi let's play some soccer guys?"
"You mean wogball? Hell no."

"Hey bro get those skips over there to come play."
"Skips don't play wogball bro."
A foetal-looking Australian talk show host of the programme "Rove Live", who still hasn't hit puberty despite being 35 years old now.

Had a some what original format for the first season of show until it turned into a trash-talking, celebrity-obsessed tabloid TV show where all you watch is 4 total airheads sitting on couches talking about sh*t that you already know happened from the news.

Rove also appears to display some not-so-subtle homosexual tendencies towards Hollywood actors whom he invites on his show.

In a nutshell, he symbolises the current age of the Australian entertainment media industry.
Rove McManus is to comedy, as Paris Hilton is to acting.

Goddamn it Rove, when are you going to start growing facial hair?

Hey look Rove's on! Let's all ignore it and watch paint dry instead.
A lame plot device consisting of a disclaimer often seen at the unexplained or hasty ending of a TV programme informing the viewer that either:

-a main character may have possibly died or left permanently (but usually hasn't, if they have the actor likely quit working on the show due to pay disputes)

-the script writers are fresh out of ideas until next week/month

-the director of the TV show believes viewers actually have attention spans longer than goldfish, absolutely no lives and care enough about the characters & plot that they are willing to sit on their ass for days and nights patiently awaiting the conclusion of last week's cliff-hanger

-the director believes making an audience wait anywhere from 24 hours to 1 week for a continuation will actually build anticipation and suspense among them and generate more interest in his show (instead of actually annoying the living shit out of them)

-the script writers got over-ambitious or just plain fucking lazy, and couldn't finish the episode within the deadline

-the episode has gone over it's allotted TV channel timeslot and hence will be replayed sometime later

-there wasn't enough time to finish the episode within 5 minutes

-technical/financial/on-set/casting difficulties made finishing the episode impossible

-a cliff-hanger/what-if/multi-part story arc has been planned for future episodes (usually occurs when one season of a show ends, the following episode will begin with a recap of the previous one)
Actor 1: "But wait... I have the answer to the meaning of life of itself!"

Actor 2: "Oh my god! OH MY GOD! Quick... TELL ME!"


Jane: "Billy wait, before we get married... I have something I should tell you."

Billy: "Duh?"

Jane: "I'm actually cheating on you with your brother, pregnant with your son's child, an alien from Jupiter, the person responsible for killing your parents AND... I'm not actually Jane at all."

*Jane rips off her face*

Jane: "I'm your mother."

*Camera zooms in on Billy's gaping expression of shock and then fades to black"


Agent Mulder: "Scully, for the first time I can promise you behind this door lies a real, extraterrestrial, alien being... here on earth. See for your own eyes..."

Agent Scully: "Mulder, this is the 789th time you've said that... but okay, open the door. I'm ready."

*Agent Mulder opens the door to reveal...*


"The End?" can also be used a substitute for "To be Continued..."
by Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo89 March 28, 2010
Widely renowned as one of the most successful FBI Informants, Joseph D. Pistone aka. "Donnie Brasco" (his undercover alias) was an undercover FBI agent who infiltrated New York's powerful Bonnano Mafia family from 1976-1981.

The Bonnano Family at the time was headed by Carmine Galante, who through the Pizza Connection, became the single largest importer of heroin into the United States in the 1970's. The FBI was determined to learn the particulars of his smuggling operation, and chose Joseph Pistone to pose undercover as a jewel thief.

For 6 years, FBI agent Joseph Pistone lived a double life undercover, and slowly caught the attention and admiration of top Bonnano "Capo" (Captain) Dominick Napolitano, who along with Bonnano family "soldier", Benjamin Ruggiero, grew to trust Pistone so much they revealed to him many important clues about the heroin distribution network.

After 6 years within the ranks of the Bonnanos, Pistone had fooled his close associates so well they had proposed to make Pistone a full member of the Bonnano family, or a "Made Man".
The only catch was Pistone was asked to execute Anthony Indelicato, who was suspected to have been involved in the murder of the former Bonnano family boss Carmine Galante.

This signalled the end of the FBI's undercover operation within the Bonnano family.
Two days after Pistone was proposed to undertake a "hit" (or contract killing), FBI Agents informed Napolitano and Ruggiero that their long-time friend was an FBI agent.

Johnny Depp plays Donnie Brasco in the film of the same name.

The real Joseph Pistone left the FBI and now works as a free-lance consultant on organized crime for law enforcement agencies.

The evidence collected by Pistone led to over 200 indictments and over 100 convictions of Mafia members.

Dominic "Sonny Black" Napolitano was killed by the Bonnanos in 1981 for having allowed Pistone to infiltrate the family.
by Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo89 March 27, 2010

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