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to pump a dump,back one out, ride the porcelein horse, feed the porcelein monster, hang a boris, lay a cable=DO A SHIT
man i really needed to snap that grogan, it touched the bottom while still connected
by joel October 16, 2004
Something you'd see in a French comic book, instead of the English "Zzz," which designates that a character is sleeping.
If Garfield moved to Paris, he would no longer "Zzz" while he slept, he would most definately "Ronchu."
by Joel April 11, 2005
when you feel like you need to fart, but when you do, you shit your pants
Wozny dolched his pants!
by Joel February 21, 2003
a terribly smelly vagina
chelsea has one nasty stankafuss
by Joel December 07, 2002
N; a mouse, computer pointing device. Heard in the Weird Al song "It's all about the Pentiums".
I was just clicking the mizzouse, and BAM! windoze locked up again.
by joel April 22, 2004
they use it in the military

o'dark hundred are the hours before the sun comes up
oh shit, I gotta wake up at o'dark hundred tomorrow morning
by joel April 11, 2000
Young ganster (gangsta), gangster's child
I been pimpin' hoes since i was a lower case g
by Joel April 14, 2005

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