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Yin and Yang, Emo haircut and Mullet. They complete each other. The Emo haircut is short in the back and long in the front, preferably covering the person's good eye. You will find that the area of the face obstructed by hair is directly proportional to the douchebaggery exuding from the emoee in question. Emo haircuts are high-maintainence. It often takes hours to get that "just rolled out of bed" look.
They are best when complemented with hot topic gear, patches, razor blades, and a tear tatooed under the one visible eye. Pacifiers are no longer in style, and should not be worn with an emo haircut under any circumstances.
Various androgenous japanese video game characters.

"Cloud, cut off your fucking emo haircut!"

"Vincent, your hair is totally fucking 'emo douchebag'"

by joe peak July 28, 2006

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