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a colonel saunders is when you're making out with a chick; and when you finally manage to slip a finger in her pussy, you then, with a suave look on your face, stick that finger into your mouth, suck it, and say "mmm; that's finger lickin' good!"; just like on the old KFC commercial.
i pulled a colonel saunders on betsy at the drive-in last night; she was so touched, that she gave me a dizzy gillespe!
by joe mid- bronx October 25, 2007
a type of deep throat blow job, where the the person puts the testicles into the mouth with the entire penis. with the mans balls puffing out both cheeks, the person doing the sucking starts repeatedly swallowing; it is a unique sensation that can become addictive. oh, and while the person performs this act, they will bear an incredible resembelance to dizzy gillespe in that classic view of him blowing his horn, with his cheeks puffed out like a pair of balloons.
dude! my chick was giving me an ordinary blow job, when all of a sudden, she deep throated me, sucked my balls into her cheeks, and then gave me the best dizzy gillespe of my entire life!
by joe mid- bronx October 23, 2007

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