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10 definitions by joe rose

When a males penis has a very thin shaft, but an unusualy large lid, making it look like a spoon.
"I saw Gavin getting changed the other day and he's got a well bad spoon cock!
by Joe Rose April 30, 2007
The term given to somones penus when it has had so much sperm coated over it that it actually begins to turn white and smell of fruits.
"Did you have intercourse with Eric?"
"No, he's got a well bad yoghurt-cock"
by Joe Rose April 30, 2007
Widely mistaken for Urban Dictionary but is actually an entire glossary of words that are linked, similar and ryme with the word turban.
Thomas: What the fuck? Why hasn't urban dictionary loaded?
James: Look at the URl. You put in Turban Dictionary.
Thomas: Oh yeah, LOL!
by Joe Rose April 06, 2008
When somone puts their arm down the piping of the toilet to find a shit. This is usually performed after somone else has just been to the toilet, obviously increasing the chance to find something.

There are many reasons people do shit fishing, but the three most commen reasons are:
Blocked toilet
Somone ate something that the person needed
"Hey John, wanna play some b-ball on saturday?"
"I can't Stan, I'm going Shit Fishing with my dad."
by Joe Rose December 23, 2007
The event which leads to gaining a Fanny snake.
It is where the snake gains entry into a woman's (in some cases gorrila's) vagina. This is mainly caused by the snake being lured by the smell that drifts from the ovaries.
"Oh dear Mrs.X, it appears that you've got an egg in your uterus. Been doing a bit of Meat-Flaps Snake Charming have you?"
by Joe Rose December 23, 2007
To describe somthing thats good.
Aww man that is a tensin new tatoo you got boy!
by Joe Rose May 02, 2007
Used to describe when a woman has large breasts.
Aww man, check out that jugzy chick over there!
My mum's getting a boob job she's gonna be so damn jugzy!
by Joe Rose May 02, 2007