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The occurrence where after a man has withdrawn his creamy penis out of a ladies bum hole with a nugget of shit on it. He then takes the nugget, gets the lady to hold it in her teeth and with his creamy penis, he then cums on the nugget of shit and the lady eats it.

Its the luck of the draw whether you get a nugget or not. If not, it is not uncommon to slap the lady and try again.
"oi lets do a milk chocolate shot"

"oh whats that?"

"i will show you"
by jobby worker July 21, 2009
A radiator knob occurs when a man lathers his gentleman fluid on a cold radiator then turns it on to full. He then invites his baby craving wife into the room who's urge for a baby is so great that she strips and try to catch the evaporating semen vapours with her minge hopefully not singeing her lips on the flaming hot radiator.
"oi love, you want a baby so bad? wrap your tuna tunnel round my radiator!"

"my husband left me after the radiator knob incident"

a true part of Lisa kudrows day to day life!
by jobby worker July 20, 2009

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