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well i never thought i would be here writing a definiton about emo but i have heard (and read) a lot of shit about emos.i myself am emo so please feel free to call me a fag i dont really care i have more important things to do than worry about what you ppl think. So to claer things up,
emo: does not mean being gay or bi wearing black and cutting oneself listening to dashboard confessional or taking back sunday.being emo isnt being depressed or angry all the time like some of these deffinitions have led you to belive.
now,the true emo: is over emo-tional so yes emos can be happy sad angry or surprised and have feelings just like any other human being.they listen to rock bands,and sometimes goth bands in other words very loud music and they also listen to sad songs. emos usually find themselves to befriend other emos goths punks or skaters and some preps and ghetto kids.they r very creative and usually quiet (unless happy then the get a little loud) they mostly dont care what ppl think about them but when teased or bothered they will remain calm and silent.they mostly dress in dark cloths but also wear colorful cloths too.emos r very nice and r usually good students and get good grades. i cant say all emos dont cut but the ones who do mostly have a good reason to.
*emo girl* hey guys!* sits down*
*everyone* hi!
*emo boy* *sits next to emo girl* hey do you have the notes from science class?
*emo girl* yea here *hand notebook to emo boy*
*emo boy* i think you gave me the wrong notebook but nice draings by the way.
*emo gir* opps thank you *hands emo boy correct notebook*
*emo boy*hey wanna have lunch together so i can show you some of my drawings?
*emo girl* sure id love to have lunch with you.
by joana larissa June 17, 2007

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