17 definitions by jl

The art of positioning the windows on your computer screen in a pleasing manner
Man, your screen looks horribly cluttered! You could use some comp shui lessons.
by JL March 21, 2005
Dingles of crap left behing after you wipe. Often found in hairy butts.
Aww dude, wipe man! I can smell your crap dingles from here!
by JL May 13, 2003
Taking a shit and ejaculating at the same time
the definition says it all
by JL August 21, 2003
hot girl who went to Taylor Middle School
Radlex had a nice ass
by JL September 10, 2003
this should be the first question in every male female relationship.
a guy;Hey Zach Thomas you spit or swallow? zach;Swallow of course.
by jl January 22, 2004
A shitty sequel to a mediocre movie About a bus with that couldn't drive under 50MPH or a bomb onboard would blow up. Speed 2 features unrealistic physics and a boring plot.
Speed 2 is the worst movie I've seen all day.
by JL March 20, 2004
what zach thomas loves to suck and hum on.
My ball sack feels so good now that it is in zachs mouth again.
by jl January 22, 2004

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