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2 definitions by jjjnmk

1. That feeling when you don't really know what your feeling like. It's a feeling or emotion that can't be described in words made up from the english alphabet before this word.
Person A: What was that all about?
Person B: I don't know....ugh I am having a feeling of incognisensus right now! I'ma go lie down and read a book.....
by jjjnmk October 09, 2008
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One day a *llama warrior found some moose poop. He found that it could be molded into any shape and dyed. So he molded it into this cylinder, small candy shape and died it more brown. He sold this on the domestic market as tootsie rolls! But he still named it fud.
He also used this to make cafeteria fud. (Pronounced food). This is where cafeteria food comes from. FUD! (never eat cafeteria food, ever again!)

*Llama warrior is a llama that fights to protect cheese
**Mose poop=moose poop
1. Fud is also known as tootsie rolls. Yuck!
2. Our cafeteria food in the schools we know are made of fud. Double Yuck!
by jjjnmk April 13, 2008
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