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When somebody looks particularly fuckable or sexy/ worthy of some sexy time
"I have to say you're looking highly fucksome tonight"
by jimjam74 May 23, 2013
The combination of squits diarrhea and wee ie clearish water shooting out of one's anus as a result of a stomach bug/intestinal disorder
Sorry I can't come out tonight I have a bad case of sqwee
by jimjam74 March 03, 2010
GAKE: A Gay man who obsesses, talks about and enjoys Cake

GAY-TEAU: Slighty better heeled Gay man who obsesses about Gateau

GAY-STRY: Like the above but for pastry
Gay man "I spent all of Saturday afternoon baking cupcakes. Do you think that makes me a Gake?"
by jimjam74 November 20, 2010

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