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10 definitions by jewc

Mosty definitely the most admired instrument in the band. The euphonium is a precious part of the symphonic band, as is the baritone to the marching band, because it provides a rich, dark sound to sustain the bottom of the band. This is the sounds that all other band members envy. These instruments, with the assistance of the rest of the low brass, give the band the edge needed to win superiors. Plain and simple, euphoniums rule!
"Wow! Did you hear that Euphonium solo? It was spectacular!"
by JewC June 02, 2008
Quite possibly the most addicting video game ever created for any console. wreak havoc among the tiny creatures of the land with none other than, YOUR OWN TINY COLORED KNIGHTS! embark on the adventure of a lifetime and battle your way through the fantasy world or giant fighting corn and bats with the uncanny ability to lick you to death. weapons, magic, and poo galore.... dont ask just play!
"hey, you wanna go play some castle crashers?!?!?"
"heck yeah, man i could do that all night long"

by JewC December 21, 2008
The act of using one's super-awesome bacon ray.
When baconating, one shoots another with a fiery hot beam of baconey goodness (bacon grease included.)

What the Baconator does.
"Prepare to be baconated!!!"
"I am going to baconate you."
by JewC May 28, 2008
an odd name given to a person (preferably a friend with whom you can joke around with) when they are being totally obnoxious or...a bitch
Bob: stfu you bitchface mcjiggles
Bill: ahaha. ok, fine.
by JewC May 17, 2008
typically the small orange skinned, green haired fellows that devote their lives to floating on the chocolate river or picking gumdrops off of the gumdrop trees
if particularly band-nerdy, it means the part in a song (usually march) in which the tubas take the down-beat and the horns take the up-beat, thus creating an OOMPA SOUND
(and as a result, the ham song is born)
"oompa loompa doompadee do, i've got another story for you."
"don't touch the chocolate river!!!"

band director- "cmon horns,i need that oompa effect!!!!"
by JewC May 21, 2008
the term used by mothers and parental figures everywhere to mean "food" when talking to their kids
it is also used by random douchebags when trying to be cool

are usually very delicious...mmmm
kid- "mommy, mommy me wants my eatums!!!"
mom- "ok sweetie one second"

random douchebag- "shit man, lets go get ourselves some o' them eatums"
other random douchebag- "hellz yeah"

as a wise man once said- "eatums are the keys to success...when used in the proper hands..."
by JewC May 21, 2008
One who devotes their life to either hoarding or selling bitches,usually for their beinift. Bitchmonging is commonly performed for the monger's sexual pleasure (although i don't know why); however, it is known that some crazed individuals do it just because...well...they are crazed.
A bitchmonger can also be a derrogatory term for someone who is being exceedingly bitchy.
"Wow, do you know that hermit that lives in the cave on 53rd street? He is a huge bitchmonger. He's been buying and selling bitches his entire life."

"She is such a bitchmonger! AGH!"
by JewC May 28, 2008