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2 definitions by jethay!

An underage hot girl. Must be under 18. Must be at least mildly attractive.
Dude, yer sister is a total preed. When is she turning 18?

Why are all the Chinese gymnasts preeds? They all look 12.
by jethay! April 13, 2011
Being aware of racial boundaries... and judging people based on them. But not hating them for it.
reggin backwards is a lifestyle, not a skin color. =racialist creed

i'm a racialist, just because my asian girlfriend has a sideways pussy doesn't mean i'm not gonna fuck her!

i know i'm not racist because my lab partner is a muslim. but i'm a racialist so i'm apprehensive.

Racialist by a wall in Israel... What happened to the Jew who ran into the wall with a boner?....... he broke his nose.
by jethay! April 13, 2011