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the ungroomed pubic region of a female, commonly found on a hippy or the elderly. It is characterised by patches of hair stemming from the crotch, creeping toward the knees or to the belly button. The term comes from chewbacca, known as a wookie.
man that chick had the biggest wookie bush i ve ever seen. Its like shes never heard of a razor or had Jimi Hendrix in a leg lock.
#monster bush #jumbo bush #hair pie #amazon rain forest #muff
by jesus_gretzky March 15, 2009
a term used to describe the guy at the party that continually gets in your face and wants to talk about himself and all his "acheivements".
"I had to leave, I couldn t stand listening to that pepperoni stick any longer."
#dickhead #idiot #loadmouth #arsehole #lemonhead
by jesus_gretzky March 16, 2009
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