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Charming but dangerous species of stoner. Goes through jobs like most people go through socks. Will sleep on couches, in the backseats of cars, in people's closets, and has been know to write epic poetry about weed. Can be recognized by his rank odor and black t shirt.
I went to Denny's and had to pay for Homeless Drew. Goddamn his poor ass.
by jesus h. christ March 25, 2005
An acronym commonly used on the Internet which means "Go Suck A Dick."

Derives from an America Online Member. The term can also be used with the term "You Got Served."
Omfg, GSAD. You got served.

Ha! You think you owned me? GSAD.
by Jesus H. Christ May 18, 2004
To make an agonizing expression, similar to a grimace, while having sex or masturbating profusely.
Sally lauched unexpectedly while John boned her.
by Jesus H. Christ March 10, 2005
1A. An elitist. A great person, and all around badass. 1B. Pimp, and outstanding backhander. 2. Handome Blasian Sensation Controlling the Nation.
God damn, I was Hideoin' that bitch up and down the block, son.

Yo', did you see that dude? He was Hideoed to tha max!!
by Jesus H. Christ May 18, 2004
a. an extremly clever meld of the words "I like the butt"
b. God's pseudonym
c. Satan's pseudonym
e. inventor of porn
f. an exclimation bringing forth attention to the general greatness of another
That there Iliek Tehbut sure likes the butt. Iliek Tehbut!!!
by Jesus H. Christ November 18, 2003
A kid whom gets prank called a lot. Moondapple likes to threaten, but is usually to stoned/lazy to do anything.
Pranker: Moondapple listen to my, shut the fuck up.
Moondapple: I'll fucking kick your ass.
Pranker: Moondapple, listen to me, I'll cut your tounge out.
by Jesus H. Christ July 06, 2004
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