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Word used to describe a situation where you "had to have been there" in order to understand what happened... or get the joke.
-ANd then she downed a huge load of SEMEN!!!! HAHAHA... er uh, get it?
-I guess you had to be there...
- It's a gucha!
by jesta :--> September 11, 2003
When a man (or shemale...arrrr PENIS) comes anywhere near contact with poonani or one who never gets any action just hears shakira. The British way to say, bonar
(in the background) Whenever.. wherever...
-Oh my god i have a huge penile erection! -Spooge-
by jesta :--> September 16, 2003
The way homo, ball on ball, but loving ass mongers like it... kiddy style... erahhh PENIS! BACKDOOR PENETRATION
Man, senora must really like it in da butt! She was such a douche bag today
by jesta :--> September 17, 2003
okay, so this one time, the guy bent over to pick up the soap and... ERRRAAHHHH PENIS!
Oh my god! Senora whipped out her own dick and did herself in the butt! Talk about homo-erotica
by jesta :--> September 17, 2003
When a man RAPSORS a girl and she looses her virginity...errrahhh PENIS!
Alan Helm once said, "Pop my cherry cherry popper"
by jesta :--> September 16, 2003

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