1 definition by jessica hellfritsch

1.hottest guy ever
2.bassist in the band called "fall out boy"
3.owns the record label called "decaydance"
4.owns the clothing line called "clandestine"
5.owns a bar in new york called "angels and kings"
6.wrote a book called "the boy with a thorn in his side"
7.is basically awesomeness!! =D
girl 1:"hey do you know who peter wentz is?

girl 2:"yeah. isnt he that guy who is bassist in fall out boy,owns a record label named decaydance,owns a clothing line named clandestine,owns a bar named angels and kings,wrote a book named the boy with a thorn in his side,is hot and is basically awesomeness?

girl 1:yeah
by jessica hellfritsch February 17, 2008

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