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a phrase that is used when one is too pressed for time and/or too bad ass to use the entire phrase "by the way."

"w" is occasionally said in place of the "dubbs" but only by losers who are not awesome enough to say it correctly.
"Oh, b. t. dubbs, I had sex with your dad and he was awesome."
by jess and jen January 26, 2010
When one slices a large lemon into 6 or more pieces and then proceeds to take shots of vodka with each slice.

This is usually done in conjunction w/severe depression due to moving back in with ones parents after college.
"Fuck my life, I need at least a lemons worth tonight. I didn't realize my parents could get more obnoxious than they already were."
by jess and jen January 26, 2010
When a person or persons are too trashed to argue, they will use a water gun (normally used on misbehaving cats) to settle arguments.
"Bitch was so drunk she was squirting me with her cat gun."
by jess and jen January 26, 2010

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