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Short for Big Fat Tub-a-lard Disease Syndrome. It refers to the inescapable condition that many people face when reaching their 20s where they let themselves go and double or even triple in size.
Dude, I just saw Melissa for the first time since high school and she caught a major case of B.F.T.D.S. She weighs like 3 bills now!
by jeru411 May 28, 2013
A play off the holiday "Cinco de Mayo", but is pretty much just an excuse to drink on the 5th day of every March. And after all, any excuse to drink is a good one.
Bob: "What are you going to do for Cinco de Marcho?"

Tony: "Same thing as you, go to the bar and get blacked out drunk!"
by jeru411 March 03, 2010
A place less desirable than your current location. The opposite of greener pastures.
I can't believe Fred left this amazing city for browner pastures.
by jeru411 July 28, 2015

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