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New Jersey is a great place to live, notice i didnt say joisey? Its not some gross place that everyone claims it to be. Its not the dump place for New York's garbage, we are payed to take the garbage to Staton Island. NJ also houses one of the safest towns in the nation, second to be exact, Brick, New Jersey. New Jersey is home to many wellknown people like bruce springsteen, bon jovi, jay and silent bob, Queen Latifah, Redman, Catch 22, some Kevin Smith Films like Dogma, and the Sopranos. Were one of the few states in the country who have 24 hour diners, and wawas. Most places in Jersey are walking distance from where you are, so its easy to get around. Its one of the only places in the country where you can have a day trip to New York and Philadelphia is just around the corner. Our beaches are sure to have visitors from all over in the summer coming to see the well-talked-about Jersey Shore. You can also have a day trip to the shore, not the beach, and go home later on. We arent poor either, our average house cost is over $600,000. We are home to Haddonfield, New Jersey, where many movies are filmed and it has been listed as one of the richest towns in the nation recently. Jersey has many attractions to. You can see farms one minute, and the next, see a well developed small city-like neighborhood. Our malls are a great attractions to tourists as well. And dont forget our soccer and our education. With one of the highest graduation and college rates in the country also. I fucken love new jersey.
New Jersey Shore, wawas, and 24 hour diners, what more could you ask for?
by jerseyrules December 28, 2005

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