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One place you should never, EVER eat in. I went there with some friends and ended up waiting for 35 fucking minutes, which wouldnt make any sense because only one person was in there. So we order our drinks first, and then the guy gives us the goddamn check instead of the menu. So we just left and ordered take-out.
Waitor: welcome to boston pizza, please wait in line, we are crowded.
Me: theres one person in there!
Waitor: (closes the door), Now we are.
by Jerry the moose May 24, 2008
A popular sport usually played by US marines in Iraq, the object of the game is to simply throw stray puppies of desert cliffs.
US Marine 1:Awwww, a sweet wittle puppy.
US Marine 2:who's up for a game of Marine Football!!!
by Jerry the moose March 05, 2008

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