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The ani-christ of the Windows XP, it automatically shuts off the window, thus making you start all over. If your computer is screwed-up enough, the amount of them you can get in a day can drive you into tears.
Me:There, my article is almost complete. Now I just click submit...
Me:Dammit, oh well. I'll just rewrite it...
Me:What the hell?
(jumps out 3rd story window)
by Jerry the moose March 29, 2008
The CD that made Alanis morissette famous. It was released in late '95 and to this date has sold 205,000,000 copies. Billboard estimated that in 1996 the album was still selling 10,000 copies strong a week.Its #1 singles included You oughta know, hand in my pocket, and Ironic.
friend 1:Stop talking about Alanis morissette shes stupid Hedleys cooler
Me:her first album jagged little pill sold more albums than Hedley x 2
Friend 1:Are you cereal!?!
by Jerry the moose February 22, 2008
To delete a pop-up window on your computer.
No, I do not want a ''free'' Labtop, X off Dammit!
by Jerry the moose February 21, 2008
The parents that when taking their kids to the mall for groceries will end up buy them everything they want if they sceam loud enough.See brat
Kid:Mommy I want that Ann Coulter action figure
Toystore bitch:But I got you that White trash politition
last week, how are they any different?
Kid:this one has a swastika flag in the backgound
Toystore Bitch:How bout next we...
Toystore Bitch:Fine, but no becky ficsher doll for christmas.
by Jerry the moose February 17, 2008

To drop ones socks and grab their mini boombox and do the pop lock. This commonly occures when you let the beat drop till your shell shocked.

it is known that once this is played out what you got is rock hard like a cinder block.
this happens through your head bone, temple bone, to your jaw bone on to your neck, collar bone, to your backbone and moving to your hip bone.
track repeat commonly goes on and on. you can do this with a friend or on your own.
this also the lyrics to kylie minogues speakerphone, a song you have to high to understand.

Lights? flashing
sound? clashing
Minds? blowing
Body? rocking
eyes? locking
lips? touching
hearts? pumping
pressure? rising

by Jerry the moose June 05, 2009
One of the coolest pets ever. They can be housed in aviaries or fish tanks and are about the size of your fist. They are usually nervous around people, but if hand raised they can be uber-friendly.They are known to go go nuts for cucumber.
Button quail isn't really a quail.
by Jerry the moose May 07, 2008
A person who people automaticaly shit on because of the SNL incident. If I Re-wind to 04 and stop her from lip-syncing half of the articles on this website would never exist. So she started out fugly posuer whore, give this girl ONE chance. If you don't like it, good. just stop beating this dead horse.
Guy:I kinda like ashlee simpsons new song...
Guy 2:Dude she sucks, she lip-syncs and junk
Guy:That was like 5 years ago, britney lyp-synced on every concert since the mickey mouse club and you have 6 of her CDs.

And this article isn't pro ashlee simpson, so mouse off the thumbs down button...
by Jerry the moose March 24, 2008

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