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A system of measuring flatulance. Similiar to the Richter Scale but used to measure assquakes as opposed to earthquakes.
Man... i dropped a bomb in class today that must have been at least a 7.5 on the rectum scale.
by jerk jiggler February 20, 2005
The act of dropping your load on a sleeping victim.
Last night my girl wouldn't give me any pussy.....so i waited til she fell asleep and gave her the pullitsurprize. She woke up with her face looking like a krispy kreme.
by Jerk Jiggler February 19, 2005
a transvestite, transexual, cross dresser
I was in such a k-hole last night I had no iea that chick i went home with was actually a stocking stuffer.
by jerk jiggler February 19, 2005

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