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stabbing a bitch repeatedly with your bloody dick.
I gave that whore's grandma the best love shank last night.
#knife of love #shank of love #knife #shank #bloody
by jeremy o'connor May 15, 2008
a chaffed, unwashed ass hole; a asshole that looks painful to have
I was going to shrimp this girl but she had a leather cheeri-o.
#leather cheerie o #leather cheery o #dirty ass hole #whipping front to back #stank on my bottum down
by jeremy o'connor May 15, 2008
running a train on a bitch for so long and hard she blows and o-ring and or her uterus falls out
We ran an earnhardt on Josh's mom last night, she won't shit or piss right for a couple months.
#earnhart #earnhard #running a train #whore walk #slut line
by jeremy o'connor May 15, 2008
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