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1. Keeping your bones up
2. what football team?
3. trombones do it in 7 positions
4. woodwinds know all 36 fingerings
5. flutes are good for more than just playing
6. you practice 8 days a week 26 hours a day *no seriously those are the right numbers
7. why is the pitt crew included in "marching" band?
8. why does drumline march all funny?
9. peeing clear
10. so how many times have we changed this set?
11. paying for band is more than paying for your new car *that goes in the Green Hope parking lot*
12. when you can hear the drumline practicing at the HS from Preston, at 5:30 in the morning
13. thats right color guard, keep spinning those flags
14. why is it that drumers get all the chicks?
laurn's clarinet was between her legs and lauren had her flute between her legs and her flute went into the bottom of laurn's and she was like "sorry i impregnated your clarinet"

(after last marching band competition) "so now what?"

"NO I'M NOT MARCHING DOWN THE HALLWAY" "oo... well maybe i am"

"whats that circle thing around your lips from?"

to band parent, "thanks mom"
by jeremy miles October 06, 2005

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