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to put forth a lackluster effort.
Gus procrastinated so much on his term paper that he was forced to raw dog it the night before it was due.
by jeffwk July 15, 2010
To enter blindly into an unfamiliar or unsafe situation, with little regard for any harmful potential consequences.
Hank: Hey, let's go skydiving.
Sam: But the instructor isn't certified.
Hank: Dude, calm down. Let's raw dog it, and don't worry, we'll be totally safe.

Terry: Excited for the party?
Bill: No. We weren't invited, and the host actually wants us dead.
Terry: Woah now -- relax, bro. Just raw dog it and you'll be fine.
by jeffwk July 15, 2010
to undergo a task, paying little attention to detail.
Jon: Hey Betty, would you make me a sandwich?
Betty: Sure, what would you like on it?
Jon: Doesn't matter. Just raw dog it.

Hairdresser: Do you care how I cut your hair?
Samantha: No, just raw dog it, I only have 20 minutes.
by jeffwk July 15, 2010

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