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Austrailian voice box. Its a litle gizmo that enables aussies visiting the states to getlots of tang, freebies, and other swag. Helps eliminate any problems with the customs guys
Watch this mate! We'll use the old AVB to sweet talk these chicks into going back to your place!
by jeff matthews August 29, 2007
A variation on the term designated driver. The party to remain sober and pilot the vehicle homeward is devastated due to the fact that they too cannot become wasted, or risk killing themselves, others or worse, getting a dui.
Lets all mob over to that rager on 3rd street. Hey margo, sorry but its your turn to be the devastated driver.
by jeff matthews December 21, 2006
at the end of the summer when the season starts up and its time to party less, get in shape, and go skiing!
Dude, ive been hitting the nose candy really hard latley. I gotta start skihab soon.
by jeff matthews December 21, 2006
Adjetive used to describe excellent and /or perfect conditions in skiing. Originated from the term "mint condition" used to describe coins or collectables that are brand new or straight from the mint.
It dumped two feet of champange powder overnight and now the sun is coming out for a bluebird day. I am super stoked because Its gonna be mint conditions tomorrow. Can i get a ride to the mountain?
by jeff matthews December 21, 2006
A radical and otherwiswe totally awesome home on wheels of german manufacture. Has a pop top, stove and lots of soul
Hey bro, lets nail the reggae fest this weekend. It would be hella pimp if we could convince the missus to let us take your westy!
by jeff matthews August 29, 2007

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