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to perform oral sex on another person by french kissing.
Hey charlie, did you give sheila an austrailian kiss last night? she seems mighty happy today....
by Jeff Bentz September 06, 2004
to insert your penis into anyone or anything, thereby making it a place where your penis can live comfortably for long periods of time.
Shut the fuck up, Cliff, before I make your mouth my dick house
by Jeff Bentz August 09, 2004
a male friend who gets female tendencies such as whining, mood swings, easily irritated, etc...
"bro, its not a big deal. stop being such a poose....
by jeff bentz November 01, 2007
when asked "whats up?", "whats good?", "whats hot?"; or anything other question. to be used as a smart reply.
Greg: yo, whats hot?

Jeff: the cookie dough
by Jeff Bentz August 09, 2004

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