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A sausage queafer is someone that may or may not be a girl who "queafs" (farts) on a sausage or multiple sausage at the same time.
hey brian, stop *queafing* on my sausage thats my breakfast you smelley sausage queafer.

* ( queafing meaning farting)
by jeff x May 04, 2005
spank the frank is well... spanking the frank
i was spanking my frank then your mom walked in lol
by jeff x May 04, 2005
is a very funny word to say when someone says almost anything !!!

person 1: i did not get the basket ball all thw way to the rim it was not long enough

person 2: it's not long enough "thats what she said"
by jeff x May 04, 2005
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