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To all the turds that go Korn sux, Linkin Park is a bunch of crybabies, STFU!
Korn singer Jon Davis was raped by his neighbor, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was sexually abused during his childhood, no wonder their songs have emotions in them.

About nu metal lyrics being repetetive, STFU! You all say Metallica is Metal, their St. Anger for instance... have you counted the times he repeats the st. anger shit?

About rap in nu metal... double STFU! I hate rap too, but not rock rap, i hate hip hop the piece of shit rap. Linkin Park MC Mike Shinoda writes the best rap ever, 50 cent is shit, singing about every time he buys something.
" I just bought bottled water,
Yo, drink it, yo!
Yo, drink it, yo!"
That's crap!
But Shinoda writes rap that no crappy metalhead bitch could ever write.

About emotional lyrics again.
Metal isn't just like:
"Whorship satan, dance around fire, rape your sister"
And Linkin Park and Korn writes about real stuff, stuff that happens unlike metalheads about satan, dragons and shit.

About popularity.
It seems like everyone hates nu metal bands for being rich and popular. Ozzy (cough, cough, old-ass shit) is freakin famous and filthy rich... HEY, He MUST be nu metal!!!!
You're all jealous that all those metalheads aren't as popular as nu metal bands.

About nu metal.
I don't think they were all like, let's be nu metal, cuz it's new and shiny!
Korn Hates being labelled as nu metal, Korn didnt say this is nu metal, some corporate bitches made it up!

About rebellion.
The dude who wrote about mallcore and how metal is about rebelling against the system of mall blah blah blah (ghey ass talk). I wanna see you rebel against mall. whadya do?
Moms says: Let's go to mall, rebel bastard.
Rebel bastard: NO!!! ( blows himself up with a modified toaster)

About being all about being popular (whatever).
So maybe some nu metal bands only formed to become famous, but if all the metalheads are just about making music cuz they love to, they would still be in their garages playing their songs. It's not like the forced Ozzy to sell his records.(Agent: Ozzy, become famous!
Ozzy: NO!!! You can't make me!
Agent: Chain him up, we're making him famous
Ozzy: NOO!!! NOOO!)
And Ozzy had a show on MTV! (Metalhead: Ozzy is dead to me!)

About no solos.
Maybe they like music without solos, just cuz they dont have them, doesn't mean they can't write them.
When Linkin Park played "By Myself" live in Texas, they played it with a something like a solo, sure it wasnt like 100 notes a second, but it was great.
I dont like solos myself, cuz they're all so fast and great, not my taste.

About mallcore...
Those kids are freaks, Korn didnt make them like that!
Has any of you seen Korn "Y'all want a single" music video?

I rest my case, and yours too, b*****s!
So what if i like nu metal and pop-punk (that's right!)
metal is not the only music!
by jeepis December 09, 2007
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