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The act of randomly tossing glitter on an unsuspecting or unaware person. Works best if the victim is damp from sweat, poolwater, etc. as the glitter tends to stick for days this way. Named for the pop star Ke$ha, whose affinity for glitter is spelled out in nearly every song she sings.
When Rani got off the waterslide, I was waiting with a tube of blue glitter and Ke$habombed her big time. She'll be sparkling blue for a week!!
by jeepinozz May 24, 2011
Similar to antiquing, except the victim is awake (but unsuspecting) and the subastance is glitter (rather than flour). Derived from the popular singer Ke$ha's penchant for glitter, as she describes in all of her singles.

Works best on bare skin in a humid environment. i.e. - waterpark, outdoor summer event, hot dance club, etc.
Rani turned around while still wet from the waterslide and I Ke$habombed her with a tube full of blue glitter. She should sparkle for days, now.
by jeepinozz May 07, 2011

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