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Suffix used at the end of many "gamer/nerdy" terms to emphasize the meaning of the word. Mainly used during competitive-online video games such as Halo 3 and World of Warcraft.
*After ownzing up someone to the maxzore*

"Deng fellas!!! I pwnzored the hell out of that maxzore nub!!!! LoLz!!!"
#video games #nerds #gamers #halo 3 #world of warcraft
by jedd to the maxzore February 04, 2008
To the inifnite max of something. Usually used to describe how badly you have completely and utterly ownzed someone.
*while playing Halo 3*

"Holy shit guys!!!! I ownzed him to the maxzore!!!!"
#computer games #xbox #xbox360 #video games #halo3
by jedd to the maxzore February 03, 2008
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