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1 definition by jayden2207

Stuck up turk girl with long dark brown hair that thinks she doesnt need a guy. She rejects too many cunts and we just wanna get a peice of her. Any way shes imtimidating butsmart and sexy. She doesnt let a player on her and shes usually seen around dandy plaza or parkmore and city. This chic leaves the guys keen. Shes a flirt and she knows what to say to a guy to get him going. Any fkn guy is curious to how she plays in the sheets but we bet she keeps it classsy. We all wanta fkn peice of her and its all a game to see which one of us cunts can get it. Shes known to be a bit of a 'good girl' but we know she can get naughty behind the lines ;) smokes ciggies and drinks alcohol and we all know shes fucked with our mate ..... .Shes a fkn devil in disguise, shes a naughty angel and we know what shes really like, shes a flirt that plays with all the guys. shes beautiful and as much as we bag her, its only coz we know we havent got much on her

love this bitch now lay on it
cunt : "get a peice of talia yet?"

bro: "not yet, working on it"
by jayden2207 June 22, 2012
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