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When you either start or hear someone start a sentence with this you know that you/they have had enough and everyone else should shut up or preferably get out of the area
Usually souted at the highest possible level "Oh for fuck's sake how many motherfucking son of a bitch twatting cunting shit licking times do i have to tell you ... shut up"
by Jason Hackett November 01, 2007
The feeling you get after working for a large company for a few months when you finally realise that you will not make a difference ..... usually quickly followed by "Oh fuck it, who cares"
Day 1 of new job: Oh what a great job, i will do my best
Day 10 of new job: I must try harder
Day 20 of new job: If i keep going people will listen to me
Day 30 of new job: Oh fuck it, who cares ... put the kettle on
Congratulation you have Ameyitis
by jason hackett October 30, 2007
A bird well past a five pinter when the beer goggles are well and trully smashed. Only slightly better than one off the wrist
"well mate i am rat arsed and have tried everything tonight, looks like it will have to be an Emma"
by Jason Hackett October 29, 2007
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