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Combination of three words - skanky crusty cunt; used to describe a woman of ill repute.
That girl is such a scrunt!
by Jason Spencer April 21, 2003
I huge, monstrous, beastly woman. Typically seen in moo-moos and Walmart.
Alas, the gynoceros is not yet endangered.
by Jason Spencer January 13, 2008
Cheerios and beer. Truly the breakfast of champions.
"Beerios beats Wheaties any day."
by Jason Spencer April 03, 2004
What the chest of a girl with huge tits looks like.
Tina's chest looks like a dead heat in a zeppelin race.
by Jason Spencer April 03, 2004
see "Pre-cum." Clear liquid that comes out of a man's penis before he ejaculates.
Hey baby, lick the doggy water off the tip of my dick.
by Jason Spencer April 17, 2003
A person whose only claim to fame is being a complete and total asshole.
Paris Hilton is a perfect example of a celebritard.
by Jason Spencer January 19, 2007
See "Gunt." Acronym for "Fat Upper Cunt Area." The little fat area above the vagina but below the stomach.
I kicked her right in the fuca.
by Jason Spencer May 19, 2003

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