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To go out of one's way to help or provide a service to a friend/colleague/acquaintance. Often in exchange for nothing. Another way of describing a favor or act of altruism.
For example:

'I going KFC, what you having for lunch?' 'Got no money, do you want to Hook a brother up?' 'Okay I will HBU and get a bucket.'
#altruism #favor #act of kindness #help #assist
by james hooha March 07, 2012
A very tall person clad in made made fabrics like polyester, viscose, or nylon.
'You seen the state of that?-she looks like a lamp post in a shell suit' 'Or a Nylon Pylon.'
#tall person #shell suit #lanky #nylon #chester polyester
by james hooha March 07, 2012
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