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An MMORPG game that is based on the Star Wars universe. Many people criticize it because of the lag and lack of social interface, however, if you're a big enough nerd like me then you'll love it. Its true that you get addicted to it and the things in it, but after a year and a half of playing it, you get sick of it (trust me). Ahazi server is a particularly fun one to play on because it has a "large" population and Vincent- is on it. Good game, but I'd rather stick to the free online mini games of warcraft III.
Me:Man its 6:30 in the morning, what do you want to do?
Vincent-:Let's go space hunting and then we can go to Kashykk to get you some Jedi XP.
*1 year later*
Me:I'm kinda sick of playing SWG, bye.
Vincent-:Bye, may the force be with you.
by james garner June 04, 2006

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