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2 definitions by james acton

The 1337 4zn h4x0r way to spell "rock" simply meaning
1)to best some one in any kind of compeition, usualy Counter-Strike
2) an indication of skill
3) a adverb adding a posative conotation to any verb or noun (usually following teh)
1) i rawked j00 f00l!
2) d00d! i rawk at Derivative calculus
3) this map is tehrawk!
kyle kimbel's sister is teh rawk when she's on her knees
by james acton March 03, 2005
47 66
Classic 16-bit acrade Street-Fighter II move done by the brothers Ryu and Ken. This is the epitome of a l33t move
Oh snap! I just K.O'd yo niggah ass with a phat HADOKEN
by james acton March 03, 2005
6 28