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15 definitions by james cox

1. The washing of one's genitals in the shower after having sex in order to cleanse them of the residual body fluids

2. Doing the same thing before having sex in order to be hygenic and desirable to your partner.
She: Hon, you wanna make love?

He: Sure, just let me grab a shower first and wash the funk off my junk.
by James Cox March 08, 2007
a ice cold beer; a welcome cold liquid treat on a hot day
Hey, does anyone here want a frosty adult beverage?
by James Cox August 31, 2006
A cell phone, when serving as a positioning locator or an eavesdropping device by a government agency, whether turned on or off. It is rendered ineffective only if the battery is removed.
Watch what you say when you have your cell phone on you. It's just a roving bug - Big Brother might be listening!
by James Cox June 22, 2007
Road construction term: The white petroleum based release agent applied to the steel forms for concrete curbing etc. to prevent the forms from adhering to the curing concrete when they are removed.
You better spray some of that buffalo cum on the forms or you'll never get them off without fucking up the curbing.
by James Cox March 17, 2007
A citizen of Georgia who is of Anglo-Saxon/Celtic descent; ususally follows the word Georgia.
He may have lived here in North Carolina for the past 20-some years, but his accent reveals that he is just a Georgia cracker.
by James Cox August 29, 2006
The opening to the gas fillpipe of an automobile.
That idiot left the gas pump nozzle in his SUV's gashole just pumping away while he went into the store to buy ciggies. I guess that he can't read the instructions on the pump.
by James Cox September 25, 2006
a half-breed; someone of half or partial Native American ancestry.
Many people have mistaken me for a full-blood, but I have to tell them that I am just a breed.....my mom is Irish.
by James Cox August 29, 2006